What Makes Dijon Mustard Different?

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By: Tom Valenti


If you need a game-changer mustard for all types of dressings, salads, and sandwiches, a Dijon mustard should be your best choice. It adds a deep warmth, tangy, and a little spicy taste to your meal. This condiment which originated from Dijon in France, is made from brown mustard seeds, and is used in various dishes.

What makes Dijon mustard different and unique is its taste and ingredients. The tangy mustard is preferred by many because it has a balanced flavor amidst the heat, tangy, and sweetness that evolves from a mixture of sugar and a base of white wine.

It is bitter than yellow mustard, which gives it a unique spicy taste. This is because it is made of brown or black mustard seeds. The mixture of white wine and vinegar also makes Dijon different from the world of mustard.

Key Features that Make Dijon Mustard Different

Dijon mustard has various features that make it different from other mustards. There are various types of mustard, but the common ones are Dijon mustard, yellow mustard, and spicy mustard.

There are many of these mustards; each made with unique features. As you progress, you will discover why Dijon mustard is special. Features that make it different include:


Yellow mustard comprises powdered mustard seeds, spice mixture, and vinegar (sometimes water), which has a mild taste compared to Dijon. Dijon has a unique mustard flavor that is more intense than yellow mustard.


The obvious difference between Dijon and the other mustard is color. Dijon mustard has some vibrant yellow mixed with brown, while its counterparts are bright yellow.


Dijon mustard has brown seeds, distinguishing it from yellow mustard, which has white and yellow seeds. This mustard originates from Dijon in France and is a commonly used condiment in various dishes.

It comes in a pasty form and is pale yellow different from bright yellow or yellow mustard. It is a bit creamy and has no watery base since it doesn’t have much vinegar like yellow mustard.

It is also made with spicy brown and black mustard seeds. It has a verjuice flavor that almost tastes like wine made from young grapes.

How is Dijon used?

Dijon mustard is packed in a bottle or jar and is used in many ways. It has different uses than yellow mustard. As soon as you open the Dijon bottle, store it in the fridge, and it is usually recommended to use it within six months. If unopened, it will last for two to three years.

Although the taste might not be the best, it’s still safe and good to use. The various ways to use Dijon include:

  • It can function as a rub
  • Marinade blend
  • Make a glaze for different meals
  • Make flavorful honeyed mustard
  • Add to cheese dip


Dijon is a special mustard that, despite originating from France, has won the hearts of many globally and serves a special function.

And apart from its unique taste, Dijon is more multi-purpose than yellow mustard, as you can easily tailor it into different sauces and dressings.

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