Best Coffee for French Press 2023 (Prepare Bold, Rich Coffee)

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By: Tom Valenti


Brewing French Press coffee every day requires a lot of patience because the process is slow indeed. But the effort certainly feels rewarding when your freshly prepared brew has a full-bodied, rich flavor and smooth mouthfeel. Then there’s the bold aroma too!

But this will only happen if you have the best coffee equipment. And it all starts with the best coffee. So what is the best coffee for French Press? Medium to dark roasted beans, preferably Arabica coffee beans, ground to perfection (coarse grind size).

So now you know that preparing a cup of French Press coffee means not only acing the brewing process but also using the right type of beans.

10 Best Coffee for French Press

  1. Stone Cold JoBest Overall
  2. Stone Street Best Ground Coffee for Cold Brew
  3. Primos Coffee Co.Best Dark Roast Ground Coffee
  4. Death Wish Coffee Co.Also Best for Dark Roast Coffee
  5. Gevalia Special ReserveBest Medium Roast Ground Coffee
  6. Lifeboost CoffeeBest Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee
  7. Koffe Kult Best Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee
  8. Kicking Horse Best Organic Whole Bean Coffee
  9. Stumptown CoffeeBest Vegan Whole Bean Coffee

Buying the Best Coffee for French Press

Best Coffee for French Press

Type of Coffee Beans

What type of coffee for French Press should you be getting? Arabica or Robusta, or a blend of both? Before I answer that question for you, let me quickly introduce you to the different types of coffee beans.

  • Arabica: These beans have a smooth, complex, and strong flavor, but without any distinct bitterness.
  • Robusta: These are quite bitter and give off a strong aroma. Plus, Robusta coffee beans contain a higher amount of caffeine than its sweeter and smoother Arabica counterpart.
  • Liberica: The beans are lesser known and produced than Robusta and Arabica. But the flavor profile is a delightful combination of smoky, nutty, and woody with a spicy floral fragrance.
  • Excelsa: The aroma is light, the flavor is fruity, and there’s less caffeine in Excelsa coffee beans.

Arabica is the most popular type of coffee bean for French Press brewing, all because of its smoothness, complexity, and bitter-free flavor.

Now this could be single-origin Arabica or a blend. The former is more robust and bolder whereas the latter, since it consists of a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans, offers the best of both worlds. Blended coffee beans are often combined to complement one another, so the taste can be unique.

Nonetheless, it’s single-origin that ranks as the superior option because of the pure quality. On the other hand, some blends contain a mix of high-quality and low-quality coffee beans. So if you don’t want to risk it, go for single-origin as it provides more consistency as well.

Type of Roast

A huge part of the coffee flavor and aroma is affected by the roasting process. How long the beans are roasted determines the coffee’s flavor, body, and acidity too. That is why light roasts are less bitter in comparison to medium and dark roasts.

So what type of roast is the best for French Press? Medium and dark roasts indeed. These are the most suitable for the French Press brewing method. Between medium roast and dark roast, however, dark is even more appropriate since its toasty, bold, chocolatey, rich, and bittersweet flavor profile is seriously complemented by even a splash of milk.

Grind Size

What is the best coffee grind size for French Press? It’s an immersion-style brewing technique, which subjects the beans to a longer extraction period. Simultaneously, you want to hit the middle ground between over-extraction and under-extraction with a slow-paced brewing method like this. With all that in mind, a coarser grind size fits the bill.

But why coarsely ground coffee? When the grounds are coarser, their surface area is larger than finely ground coffee. The former will allow a greater quantity of water to flow through it without losing flavor.

So if your brew tastes acidic and watery, chances are that the grind size is too coarse. In that case, opt for finer grounds. But if the coffee is excessively bitter, then the grounds are too fine. Hence, it only makes sense to coarse it up!

Best Coarse Ground Coffee for French Press

Stone Cold Jo Cold Brew Blend Coarse Ground Coffee – Best Overall

Where to buy coarse ground coffee for French Press? Right here!

I can tell you for certain that this is high-quality, flavorful, clean coarse ground coffee perfect for a cold brew. But if the temperature is too low for a cold brew, then this USDA-certified organic coffee can be used for making a hot brew as well. It’s fantastic for the French Press brewing method, it leaves zero grounds in your final cup.

Your freshly prepared brew will be strong enough and, at the same time, not taste bitter. The aroma and flavor are excellent on a whole new level.

I think it’s a healthier version of coffee too because of the low acidity. And kudos to the brand Stone Cold Jo for providing USDA-certified, Fair Trade-certified, and GMO-free coffee.


  • Silky, smooth dark roast coffee
  • USDA certified and Fair Trade certified
  • Not too acidic and not “muddied”
  • Great for cold brew and French Press


  • A bit pricey for such a small bag of coffee

Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee – Best Ground Coffee for Cold Brew

I highly recommend Stone Street Cold Brew even to those select few who are very particular about their coffee. This smooth, strong blend prepares a magnificently flavorful cup of cold brew from pure Arabic beans. One of the best things about Arabica coffee beans is that they’re more nuanced and also smoother and sweeter.

The smell of the dark roast accumulated inside the bag is just what you need to know that you’ve got incredible coffee – one that’ll make the most delicious cold brew with subtle chocolatey notes.

The coffee is delivered to you in an incredibly fresh condition because it’s roasted the most recently. Remarkable coffee always starts with freshly roasted beans. Just like that, even though there’s something to be said about the brewing technique and recipe, it all begins with good quality coffee beans. And Stone Street never disappoints when it comes to that!


  • Low-acid, strong, smooth coffee
  • Bright and bold aroma
  • More flavorful Arabica beans
  • Perfectly blended for cold brew


  • Not organic coffee
  • Tastes a little bitter

Primos Coffee Co. French Press Specialty Coffee – Best Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Medium and dark roasts are considered to be the best for French Press brewing, especially dark roast coffee. The darker roast has a special way of complementing the French Press method if you take milk with your coffee. The milky taste highly complements the deep earthy and chocolatey flavors.

The coarse grind size here is appropriate in all its shape and glory for the French Press technique of brewing. With a pleasant flavor and adequate freshness, Primos Coffee Co.’s French Press Specialty Coffee is not only rich and delicious but also one of the most affordable.


  • Premium quality Arabica coffee beans
  • Smooth and sweet yet bold dark roast
  • Sustainably produced and hand harvested
  • Fresh-tasting and never bitter or over-roasted


  • Not the most aromatic coffee

Death Wish Coffee Co. Dark Roast Grounds – Also Best for Dark Roast Coffee

I don’t like the idea of downing one energy drink after another in order to keep up with a busy or hectic schedule. But I do like the idea of sipping Death Wish coffee! Particularly this extra-caffeine dark roast that doesn’t feel, taste, or even smell like regular coffee.

I’ll get straight to the point – this coffee is loaded with caffeine for just the energy kick you need every morning. It’s intense and bold, and why wouldn’t it be that way when it’s a blend of both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans!

On top of that, what you’re seeing here is a product with trusted, authentic sustainability certifications – USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified. So you see that it’s not just the caffeine boost that makes an impact but also other factors, including the fact that the dark roast is smoother-tasting than even Starbucks coffee without the weird burnt or bitter aftertaste.


  • Full-bodied, bold-flavored dark roast
  • Dark chocolate and black cherry undertones
  • Extra caffeinated yet smooth
  • Best for a French Press coffee drinking experience


  • The bag it comes in is difficult to open

Gevalia Special Reserve Medium Roast Coarse Ground Coffee – Best Medium Roast Ground Coffee

In my opinion, this is the best coarsely ground coffee for French Press that’s not too overpowering. The coffee beans used are sourced directly from Guatemala where coffee is most popular for its smoky, cocoa notes.

The authentic Arabica beans are roasted slowly and then snap-cooled for locking in the rich, delicious flavor.

If you prefer medium roast over dark roast, this is the one you should seriously consider trying out. It’s just absolutely delicious, thanks to the very creamy, smooth consistency.


  • Easy to use with a French Press
  • Velvety and smooth medium roast
  • The lack of acidity is shocking
  • Full flavor remains intact even with milk and/or ice


  • Lacks a sweet undertone
  • Leaves more sediments

Best Whole Bean Coffee for French Press

Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee – Best Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

This coffee checks all boxes – low acidity, irresistible combination of strength and flavor, and organic. I’ve tried many medium roast coffee beans but this one by far produces the most satisfying and smoothest cup every single time.

The low acidity makes it gentle on the stomach. The fact that this whole bean coffee is also organic gives it a unique and rich taste. Its robust flavor doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste, thus making it perfect to start your day with. I would definitely recommend this bag of beans to anyone who drinks coffee for the taste and not just the caffeine.

Since I keep switching back and forth between hot and cold brew during the day, I appreciate the low key, balanced flavor of the coffee beans. It tastes just as good hot as it does cold. And its slightly sweet and rich taste pairs well with any creamer or milk.   


  • Free from mycotoxins and low in acidity
  • Rich flavor, with a mildly sweet aftertaste
  • 100% Arabica, hand-selected specialty beans
  • Not strongly caffeinated


  • I wish it wasn’t so pricey
  • No roast date on the packaging

Koffe Kult Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee – Best Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Smooth, flavorful coffee is something that Koffe Kult enjoys brewing. Their dark roast comes out on top because it boasts strong, earthy, and smoky flavors. On the days you need a serious pick-me-up, just open up a bag of Koffe Kult and it’ll never disappoint.  

The fact that this is an artisan blend of Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Sumatra makes it so unique. The hints of cinnamon are out of this world!

The beans are roasted in smaller batches and packed immediately to lock in the aroma and freshness. They have that perfect, irresistible dark and strong coffee smell.

So if you have no qualms about paying a little extra for superior-quality beans, Koffle Kult is for you. I like how this Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee has a chocolatey and bold taste with subtle notes of caramel. It’s dark and smooth without the bitterness.


  • Extra bold, rich, well-rounded flavor
  • Not at all bitter
  • Blend of Colombia, Brazil, and Sumatra-sourced Arabica beans
  • Strong aroma fills the room


  • Higher caffeine content
  • Not organic
  • The resealable bag is tricky to open and close

Kicking Horse Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean – Best Organic Whole Bean Coffee

As a coffee enthusiast, I was blown away by the rich and bold flavor of the Kicking Horse Dark Roast Coffee. It’s a blend of Indonesian, Central, and South American beans that offer a smoky, chocolatey taste with a smooth finish.

What I love most about this coffee is that even though it’s dark roast, it has a low acidity level, which makes it easy to drink without that bitter and chalky aftertaste.

It’s no wonder then that Kicking Horse has won actual awards for its authentic quality. To top it all off, I recently found out that it’s an eco-friendly company that delivers Fair Trade and USDA Organic certified products.

Another strong reason to choose Kicking Horse coffee is that it can be brewed using various methods. But I personally prefer using a French press, which brings out the full flavor and aroma of these coffee beans. The flavor comes out rich yet surprisingly smooth with a mild sweetness that lingers on the palate.


  • Low acidity and smooth taste
  • Ethically-sourced, organic coffee beans
  • Not at all bitter or overpowering
  • Energizing cup of coffee every time


  • Slightly oily beans
  • Lacks a strong aroma

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee – Best Vegan Whole Bean Coffee

I don’t know if it’s because this whole bean coffee is vegan or what, but something about it just works like magic for a sensitive tummy. The medium roast is the most suitable for those who like their coffee smooth. Although Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ all roasts are equally pleasant, this one’s seriously sumptuous!

Even if you drink this coffee every day, you’ll want more of it once this bag of dark chocolate and citrusy goodness is over. The beans are freshly roasted and of premium quality.

Typically, French Press brewing prepares decent coffee even with average-level whole beans. So imagine just how much more enjoyable your fresh brew will be with such top-quality beans.

As for the medium roast, it’s the best for you if you don’t prefer too intense or strong coffee.


  • Very smooth medium roast
  • Top-notch company and whole beans
  • Dark chocolate and citrus undertones
  • Less acidic and stomach-friendly


  • Not the most flavorful

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Use Regular Ground Coffee for French Press?

The regular grind size has a very fine consistency, which works only with a drip coffee maker. When used for French Press, these too-fine coffee grounds will make their way into your cup, thus making your brew taste muddy and gritty.

Is Arabica or Robusta Better for French Press?

I always recommend choosing Arabica coffee beans simply because they’re more flavorful. Robusta, on the other hand, has a more bitter, stronger flavor, which produces an overpowering taste with French Press. So Arabica is better suited for the French Press brewing method.

What Does Coarse Ground Coffee for French Press Look Like?

The appearance of coarse coffee grounds is the same as coarse sugar or sea salt. They shouldn’t have a powdery consistency like the coffee you use with drip and espresso coffee makers. Rather the grind size is visibly larger than that.

What Happens If You Use Finely Ground Coffee In French Press?

The tiny coffee particles make their way through the French Press filter and into your brewed cup, giving the coffee a muddy and gritty texture/taste.

Fine ground coffee and French Press don’t go hand in hand also because finer grind extracts faster than its coarser sibling, resulting in over-extraction and bitter-tasting coffee.

Also, fine coffee grounds tend to clog or plug up the filter, which then becomes more difficult to push down.


If you think you can get away with any coffee for French Press, you may want to think again if you’re a coffee connoisseur like me. French Press, ultimately, means immersion brewing that involves a longer extraction time. So you need coarsely ground coffee to be able to withstand that while also preventing under and over extraction.

My personal favorite ground coffee for French Press is Stone Cold Jo Cold Brew Blend Coarse Ground Coffee. Its flavor is intense with chocolatey and fruity notes!

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