Best 4-Cup Coffee Makers 2023 (Small Units But Bold, Rich Coffee Flavors!)

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By: Tom Valenti


More and more people are purchasing coffee machines because coffee is one of the most consumed beverages around the world. This is also because technology is soaring high, so coffee makers are getting more complex and bigger.

However, at the same time, not every coffee aficionado needs a huge coffee machine taking up lots of kitchen counter space. Nor can caffeine enthusiasts afford to spend big bucks on giant coffee makers.

So how about buying something more affordable and smaller? Such as these best 4-cup coffee makers I’ve reviewed in this article. I have done my fair share of research to bring to you only the top-ranking options that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

If you are seeking a compact, easy-to-use coffee machine that brews great coffee quickly, I recommend Mr. Coffee Simple Brew 4 Cup Coffee Maker. The size is perfect for one-person use, and so is the 4-cup capacity. And the coffee comes out piping hot, which is more than what you’d expect from such a basic coffee machine.

It’s the most suitable for not only coffee connoisseurs but also those who just desire a quick caffeine boost to start their day with. Plus, there’s a very useful buying guide after the reviews that you can go through to feel more confident about making a more well-informed decision.


5 Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker Reviews

1. Mr. Coffee Simple Brew 4 Cup Coffee Maker – Top Choice

I think that this drip coffee maker by Mr. Coffee is simply the best for coffee fanatics like me who just need to have their morning coffee, otherwise the day doesn’t go as planned. It’s a very reliable 4-cup coffee machine that is ideal for you if you would rather skip making any extra efforts for your coffee in the morning. It performs the basic coffee maker function and that’s more than enough.

As long as you’re using the most flavorful, high-quality ground coffee, this coffee maker will prepare the freshest, most delicious brew for you every morning. You can use the machine daily and still not have any complaints about durability, even though it’s not expensive or fancy.

In my opinion, the 4-cup capacity works for the coffee needs of a single person who likes to consume several cups of coffee a day. It’s very convenient for that purpose, and also for heating water to brew tea. No doubt, you get solid performance with this simple-to-use coffee machine!


  • Auto Pause feature adds a lot of convenience
  • Filter basket is removable for easy cleanup
  • Hot plate keeps coffee warm
  • Small footprint with a large-capacity basket filter


  • No timer or programmable features

2. Cuisinart 4 Cup Coffee Maker – Runner-Up

I have tried enough coffee makers to know which one deserves a full, 5-star rating. And this Cuisinart 4 Cup Coffee Maker with a stainless steel carafe comes the closest to that. The small brewer here is designed very well. For instance, the lid, during brewing, keeps you from opening it to prevent the hot steam from scalding you.

The carafe lid is also another remarkable feature as it paves the way for a slow pour so your coffee doesn’t dribble all over the place. Then there’s the stainless steel carafe that doesn’t leave any “metallic” taste.

Furthermore, cone-shaped filters are used for brewing coffee thoroughly and more consistently. I even liked the warming plate and its auto shut-off functionality. The automatic shut-off keeps your freshly prepared brew from getting burned and then tasting weird and bitter.

Coffee is brewed to perfection, thanks to the cone-shaped filter basket that extracts all the rich flavors from the grounds. Also, this machine is the creation of Cuisinart, which just means it’s going to last for a very, very long time.


  • Fast, flavorful brewing
  • Unbreakable stainless steel carafe
  • Plastic (heat-resistant) carafe handle
  • Heating plate has auto shut-off


  • Not a see-through or insulated carafe
  • Brew Pause feature ends up making a mess

3. Gevi 4 Cups Small Coffee Maker – Most Lightweight and Affordable

I like this coffee maker precisely because it’s so small and also so affordable. One tiny setback before anything else – it brews 2 cups of coffee instead of 4. The upside to that is that your morning coffee is brewed very quickly.

The machine is built with a permanent filter that works great and leaves no grinds in the cup. The whole thing is very convenient to clean. It’s the perfect little coffee machine for a single person!

It’s definitely an incredibly lightweight and quiet coffee maker as well that’s suitable for home and office use. Coffee in it doesn’t just brew quickly but it also brews at the correct temperature for optimal flavor extraction. So every brew cycle does its job really well, and the price is very affordable too.


  • An extremely light and compact coffee maker
  • Includes permanent filter and coffee bean grinder
  • Brews good-tasting coffee very silently
  • Super easy to use and clean


  • 2-cup, not 4-cup, capacity
  • No automatic shut-off function

4. Brentwood 4-Cup Coffee Maker – Best for the Hottest Coffee

If you want to know which coffee maker makes the hottest coffee, it’s this one right here!

Made for small spaces, the Brentwood 4-cup Coffee Maker prepares steaming hot coffee just the way you like it!

The heavenly coffee aroma comes through, and so do all the bold, rich flavors of your most favorite coffee because of high-temperature brewing and optimum flavor extraction.

The machine works right out of the box, meaning no extra parts or equipment needed. You’d be surprised at how hot your brew will be with such a small coffee maker. Brands like these are proof that you don’t always have to choose premium or “fancy” appliances to get a basic task done, such as making great-tasting coffee at home.


  • No-drip coffee maker with a 4-cup capacity
  • Brews very hot coffee very fast
  • Easy-to-wash permanent filter


  • No auto shut-off

5. Aigostar 4 Cups Drip Coffee Maker – Best for ALL Purposes

I highly recommend this drip coffee maker for one too many reasons. First of all, the machine offers exceptional quality, great value for money, and excellent features. Secondly, I am seriously shocked at how smooth the performance is. Shocked because I had never heard of Aigostar before this!

Thirdly, the 4-cup capacity coffee maker is extremely compact and lightweight.

Fourth, the design is very user-friendly. Both pot and tank come with accurate 4-cup markings.

And lastly, even the brewing process is satisfactory in that it knows how to prepare flavorful coffee even without any bells and whistles.


  • Easy-to-use, anti-drip coffee maker
  • Reusable, removable cone filter
  • Compact machine, thus fit for travel


  • Slightly wobbly and flimsy
  • Carafe leaks when pouring coffee

Buying the Best 4-Cup Coffee Makers

Type of Carafe of the Coffee Maker

I think the carafe of the coffee maker is sometimes more important than the coffee maker itself. This means taking into consideration the material the carafe is made of.

Does the carafe have double-walled insulation? Is it also vacuum-sealed? If yes and yes, then it’s a thermal carafe, which is just what you need to keep your fresh brew hot for a good amount of time after brewing. Thermal carafes, however, don’t have a hot plate. So there’s no heating base here, unlike traditional carafes.

As for traditional, single-walled carafes, these come with a warming plate at the bottom. This kind of base perfectly makes up for the lack of double-walled insulation. But with the hot plate, you run the risk of burning your coffee. So make sure to turn it off after a point (or look for the auto shut-off feature).

Single-walled or double-walled, the carafe should be leak-proof. Meaning no dripping complaints at the time of pouring coffee. And finally, a lightweight carafe that’s easy to clean is a must as well.

Size of the Coffee Maker

Everything everywhere comes in different shapes and sizes now, including coffee machines of course. So if you’re looking for a compact, 4-cup coffee maker, you have to get the fit right.

As a professional chef, I can tell you that it’s very inconvenient and annoying to use a kitchen appliance that’s poorly installed or placed. So make sure you check out the dimensions of the product, especially the height if you don’t want the machine to be too tall for the space you have for it in your kitchen.

As for the size in terms of capacity, a 4-cup coffee maker it should be. But not 4 cups exactly since there isn’t a universal standard measurement for cup size. However, if you want 4 FULL cups of coffee, you’d be better off with an 8-cup coffee maker instead.

Most Important Feature of a 4-Cup Coffee Maker

A coffee machine with auto shut-off, as far as my opinion goes, is first-rate. That particular feature is not only an important safety function but it’s also very practical because it keeps your fresh brew warm for a long period of time.

The more coffee there is for you to drink, the more coffee you will drink, right? So no need to prepare more when you already have some kept hot in the pot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Ground Coffee to Use for a 4-Cup Coffee Maker?

According to my article How Much Ground Coffee In Each Cup, you use one tablespoon of ground coffee for one cup of coffee (that’s the typical amount). Thus, for 4 cups of coffee, this would amount to 4 tablespoons of ground coffee.

But nothing is set in stone here, meaning you can certainly adjust how much grounds you want to add to your coffee depending on how strong or mild you prefer it to be – more grounds to make the brew stronger and fewer grounds to make the brew milder.

How Many Watts Does A 4-Cup Coffee Maker Use?

I have reviewed and used all types of coffee makers and I’ve seen the 4-cup models powered with an average 800 watts.

Also, do take into account other power consumption factors such as brewing temperature, water reservoir size, warming plate, and the like.

The EndNote – Which is the Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker?

I highly recommend all coffee lovers searching for their ideal 4-cup coffee maker to seriously consider purchasing the Mr. Coffee Simple Brew 4 Cup Coffee Maker. It comes with a stain-resistant hot plate and auto-pause. Unquestionably, the compact, lightweight machine prepares great coffee. Plus, Mr. Coffee is a very reliable brand for affordable coffee makers, this one included.

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