What to Serve with Cevapcici?

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By: Tom Valenti


Cevapcici is a type of sausage prepared with minced meat and spices. This delicious treat hails from the southeast of Europe and is ideal for any occasion.

Although most people enjoy the mouthwatering and versatile flavors of Cevapcici on its own, having it with ideal side dish elevates the dining experience to a whole new level.

In this piece, I will help you know the delicious options that go well with Cevapcici. All of these options are satisfying and well-rounded for a complete meal.

Five Side Dishes to Serve with Cevapcici

Here are five dishes that you can serve with Cevapcici:

#1. Flatbread with Ajvar

This is the most common and traditional accompaniment for Cevapcici. Ajvar is a sauce prepared with roasted red pepper and eggplant delish adding a mixture of savory and sweet flavor to the Cevapcici. Its beautiful color adds all the vibrancy to the dish making it more appetizing. The good thing is that you can prepare your ajvar from scratch or purchase from the store.

To serve Cevapcici with flatbread and ajvar, simply plate the flat bread with ring onions on the side, add the Cevapcici then ajvar as the sauce and enjoy an incredible meal.

#2. Djuvec rice

If you are looking to enjoy a hearty meal comprising of Cevapcici, djuvec rice is just the best side dish that will leave you full and happy. You just can’t ignore the health benefits of rice plus djuvec rice is so flavorful and aromatic.

To have the best of this dish, fry the rice with onion and garlic and add vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, and peppers for a healthy and visually appealing plate. The combination of flavorful skinless sausages and djuvec rice gives a well-balanced and filling meal perfect for that moment you really want something heavy.

#3. Shopska salad

A healthy salad is an excellent accompaniment for a fatty skinless sausage like Cevapcici. Shopska is a Bulgarian salad prepared by mixing tomatoes, diced cucumbers, onions, roasted peppers and parsley then topped with crumbled white cheese. You can also add a little vinegar for a distinct sour taste.

With Shopska salad, you’ll not only love its beauty on the plate but also a burst of freshness with the vegetables giving you a bonus of commendable health benefits. The combination of the fatty, juicy Cevapcici, crunchy vegetable and tangy cheese creates a delightful mix of flavors. The sour taste of vinegar also goes so well with the fatty texture of the Cevapcici.

#4. Sauerkraut/Fermented cabbage

If you are looking for a perfect light and healthy accompaniment for Cevapcici, fermented cabbage might just be the ideal choice. You can easily fix the sauerkraut by mixing green cabbage with garlic and ferment for 1-4 weeks depending on how you like it done. You can also add some carrots for a more vibrant and healthier side dish.

To be sure its fermented, you can taste after a week and serve if it tastes ready. Sauerkraut is delicious and has excellent health benefits such as aiding weight loss, lowering stress levels, and improving digestion and gut health. Its flavors complements wells with Cevapcici and will leave you feeling rejuvenated. When serving, simply avoid adding too much of the cabbage to avoid overpowering the flavors of the sausage.

#5. Grilled Vegetables

Grilling a variety of your favorite vegetables gives a healthy and low calorie meal that is rich in minerals. You can choose vegetables such as eggplant, mushrooms, zucchini and bell peppers. You only have to season them with olive oil, salt, pepper and some fresh herbs add grill

Vegetables are filling and complement the Cevapcici flavors with amazing textures. It’s simply a perfect low calorie dish for vegetarians and meat lovers alike.


When it comes to what to serve with Cevapcici, there is no shortage of options that enhance the flavors and create an impressive dining experience. Simply experiment with different combinations and find your favorite pairings.

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