Does Sprite Have Caffeine? Here’s Why It’s Not Good for You!

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By: Tom Valenti


We love the caffeine content in a shot of espresso but Sprite is no espresso. But, to begin with, does Sprite have caffeine even? It is one of the most popular soda drinks after all, which are laden with ridiculously high amounts of fructose corn syrup (here’s why that’s bad for you). Unhealthy it may be, no doubt about that, but, surprisingly, Sprite has no caffeine.

Caffeine – the hugely popular stimulant we turn to for boosting energy, alertness, focus, and activity. Most Americans consume caffeine in some form or the other and this includes the consumption of soft drinks.

But not every soft drink contains caffeine. Sprite being one of them, hence it’s not going to give you that energy jolt.

So here’s all about caffeine and Sprite if your mission is to limit your daily or overall caffeine intake.

Does Sprite Have Caffeine?

Does Sprite Have Caffeine?

Sprite DOES NOT contain caffeine. This makes Sprite a no-caffeine soft drink – it’s naturally caffeine-free! So if you want to drink a refreshing, energizing cold beverage without the notorious caffeine stimulating effects, you can turn to Sprite. Although that may still not be the healthiest choice for you.

Sprite doesn’t have caffeine but it still contains chemical preservatives and tons of sugar. Ask any nutritionist or dietician and he or she will tell you why you shouldn’t be drinking Sprite or any other such carbonated drink. The high sugar content here offers zero nutritional value. On the contrary, it causes harm to the human body.

But if what you’re after is a boost of energy, you may want to try the all-time favorite among energy drink lovers – Monster (yes, it has caffeine and yes, there’s lots of it!).

How Much Caffeine In Sprite? (Nutritional Content)

Does Sprite Have Caffeine?

There’s no caffeine in Sprite plus there’s no nutritional value either. But, needless to say, there are ingredients in Sprite that have a nutritional profile.

What Are the Ingredients In Sprite?

The beverage contains the following ingredients:

  • Fructose corn syrup (loaded with sugar)
  • Carbonated water
  • Sodium citrate (preservative)
  • Sodium benzoate (preservative)
  • Lemon-lime flavor
  • Citric acid

As you can see, there’s no caffeine involved here.

A Sprite can of 12 ounces has no protein of course, rather all the calories (140 calories) and carbs (38 grams) come from the added sugar.

So the sudden blood sugar increase happens because of the high levels of sugar, which also boosts energy and then you experience the inevitable subsequent crash. Hence, the jitters and anxiety post-consumption, just like when you consume a lot of caffeine.

If Not Sprite, Then What Are the Healthier Substitutions?

How about club soda paired with freshly squeezed lime and lemon juice? Certainly a refreshing beverage minus the sugar!

Another healthier alternative would be carbonated drinks with natural flavoring. Such as La Croix, which has zero added sugars.

If your reason for consuming Sprite has got anything to do with an energy boost, consider drinking tea or coffee instead. For example, chai tea also contains caffeine plus you control whether or not to add sugar to the beverage.

Does Sprite Zero Have Caffeine?

There’s no caffeine in Sprite Zero either. Even this soft drink is naturally caffeine-free!

Although it has artificial sweeteners you should stay away from. Those limiting sugar intake might believe that Sprite Zero is the healthier choice whereas it’s just the lesser of the two evils.

Aspartame, an artificial sweetener, is added, which is directly associated with weight gain, diabetes, cancer, and other equally detrimental medical conditions.

More Nutritious Alternatives of Sprite

Looking for more nutritious replacements for Sprite? Something that’s not so packed with calories and sugar? Here are a few naturally calorie-free drinks:

  • Unsweetened tea
  • Seltzer water
  • Or just plain, old water!

No doubt that these are excellent for boosting hydration and also providing refreshment. And if flavor is what you’re also looking for, then how about adding some fresh herbs or fruits to your tea or water?

You can also try kombucha, almond milk, and coconut water instead of sugary beverages like Sprite. And remember, all variations of Sprite, even Sprite Zero, may be naturally caffeine-free but they still contain lots of sugar in some form or another.

But many energy and soft drink enthusiasts prefer consuming Sprite for its energizing and refreshing properties without having to deal with the stimulating effects of caffeine. However, for calorie and sugar control, Sprite is not the most ideal. Period.

What Are the Different Flavors of Sprite?

Here are the different Sprite flavors:

  • Lemon-lime (the classic)
  • Grape
  • Peach
  • Cherry
  • Raspberry

Every version of Sprite is no-caffeine but it is going to be loaded with sugar. And some of them also have added colors and/or flavors, so steer clear of those even more so than usual. Just check the list of ingredients just to be sure and you’ll know right away.

Are There Healthy Ways to Consume Caffeine?

Avoiding caffeine to avoid its stimulatory effect on the nervous system only makes sense. Thus, sidestepping the consumption of caffeine-infused sodas is a logical and healthy choice. That’s probably why some people flock to Sprite since it’s a no-caffeine soft drink. But you still want to avoid the consumption of excessive sugar here as well.

So the healthy alternative would be drinking tea – matcha tea, earl grey tea, and green tea. All come with caffeine for that energy boost you demand. You can have these teas iced or hot, the choice is entirely yours!

Sprite and Energy Drinks

Energy drinks boost mental focus and physical efficiency but that doesn’t mean they’re healthy for you. Energy drinks, even Dr. Pepper, should be consumed with caution. You might be avoiding caffeine with Sprite but you’re definitely not avoiding other dangerous or harmful ingredients. The question is not whether the energy drink contains or doesn’t contain caffeine. The problem, however, is the presence of acidic properties in energy beverages.

Unlike most other energy drinks, Sprite does not have caffeine. But just like those energy drinks, Sprite, at the end of the day, is a soft drink and soft drinks are bad for the health.

To Sum It Up, Sprite Isn’t Healthy Even Though It’s Caffeine-Free!

Certainly not a healthy drink because of all that high fructose corn syrup. Plus, there are no essential vitamins and minerals included, and no protein or fiber either. On the contrary, weight gain is promoted if you consume too much Sprite.

It’s not a healthy beverage, hence should not be a part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. And when there are way healthier alternatives such as coconut water, unsweetened tea, and even water, why choose to drink something as unhealthy as Sprite!

You should be avoiding or rather at least limiting the consumption of Sprite as well as other sodas. They are packed with sugar, which has been proven to increase the chances of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and more.

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