How Many Oz In 2 Liters?

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By: Tom Valenti


Do you ever find yourself stumped when figuring out how many oz are in 2 liters? You might think it’s a fairly simple question, but converting between different units of measurement can be tricky. Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be! 

This blog post will deeply dive into the science behind measurements and provide all the information needed to answer the simple yet seemingly daunting question: How many oz are in 2 liters? So if you’re looking for help with tackling pesky calculations once and for all, stick around – the answers await!


What Are the Differences Between Oz and Liter?

What are the differences between Oz and Liter

Before delving into the answer to the question: How many oz are in 2 liters?  We first need to understand the definitions of both units.

Oz stands for the English unit of measurement called ounce. An ounce equals 28.35 grams or 0.0625 pounds, while a liter (l) is a metric unit of measurement and equals 1000 milliliters (mL) or 33.81 fl oz. 

While Ounce can be used to measure out the amount of both weight and volume, a Liter is used to measure out the amount of volume only. Therefore,  if you need to convert from ounces to liters, the conversion factor will differ depending on what you are measuring – weight or volume. In this blog,  we will focus on volume conversion.

How to Convert Oz to Liter?

In order to answer the question “How many oz are in 2 liters?”  We need to understand how to convert from one unit of measurement to another.

As we have known, 1l = 33.81 Fluid Ounces (fl oz), therefore:

The conversion formula for oz to liter is as follows: Oz / 33.81 = L 

The conversion formula for liter to oz is as follows:  L x 33.81 = Oz

How Many Oz In 2 Liters?

Based on the above conversion formulas, we can figure out how many oz are in 2 liters by using the following calculation: 2L x 33.81 = 67.62 Oz

Therefore, the answer to the question “How many oz are in 2 liters?” is 67.62 Oz.

Converting Table

For further reference and convenience, here is a quick converting table for oz to liter and vice versa:

1 Oz = 0.03 L5 Oz = 0.15 L100 Oz = 3.00 L
2 Oz = 0.06 L10 Oz = 0.30 L200 Oz = 6.00 L
3 Oz = 0.09 L20 Oz = 0.60 L500 Oz = 15.00 L
4 Oz = 0.12 L50 Oz = 1.50 L1000 Oz = 30.00 L


Calculating how many ounces are in two liters can be a useful skill to have in everyday life. Whether you’re looking to measure out dish soap or checking how much liquid is left in your child’s sippy cup, knowing exactly how many oz are in 2 liters of liquid can eliminate any guesses that might otherwise be necessary.

While you may not need this knowledge every day, it’s important to know the answer for those times when it does come up. For those occasions, don’t forget: there are about 67.62 fl oz in 2 liters! With this knowledge, come prepared with the exact amount you’ll need for whatever task lies ahead of you.

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